Executive Recruitment

Our strategy

As our Future of Advice strategy comes to an end, we have started the process of developing a new service-wide strategy for Citizens Advice and will continue this during 2022/23. 

Our business plan for 2022/23 provides a bridge between the two and reflects our focus on longer term, strategic thinking and on the unique contribution of the national charity. The priorities for the year ahead are:

  • Developing a clear advice strategy, protecting our current breadth of content and improving our discrimination content.
  • Improving the infrastructure that supports advice-giving across the service, including procuring and implementing a new remote advice platform.
  • Building strategy and transformation capability to set us up to deliver the next strategy.
  • Remodelling our local support offer to focus on enabling high performing local Citizens Advice.
  • Continuing to progress our equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work with a particular emphasis on improving inclusive access, EDI capability and workforce disparities.