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Equity, diversity and inclusion

Building an inclusive culture

We want to be a great place to work for our volunteers and staff and that’s why culture is a core part of our organisation. For our culture work at Citizens Advice as we engaged hundreds of colleagues to support our vision of being an inclusive, purpose-driven workplace that listens, is open and honest, accessible and helps everyone be the very best they can be.

Throughout the year, we:

  • co-created and launched our new cultural values: purpose-driven, people-focused, collaborative and transparent
  • ran workshops with teams across the national organisation to bring meaning to the new values in their everyday roles and released our new Leadership in Action Framework, bringing clarity to what is expected of leaders at Citizens Advice
  • launched our new personal development review process
  • added values-based questions to our quarterly staff engagement survey to begin measuring progress
  • set up our first staff-led Wellbeing Action Group
  • launched our bespoke webinar series to support managers and staff wellbeing through lockdown
  • launched our series of quarterly online ‘Big Get Together’ events to keep colleagues connected and engaged through lockdown and beyond

We’ll continue to work with teams to ensure our new values are reflected in ways of working across the organisation and that EDI is integrated into everything we do.

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

At Citizens Advice we know we have a key role to play, as a change agent, to help advance EDI in society. By providing advice that helps people find a way forward, delivering advocacy, gathering evidence and insight, and through our statutory functions, we can have a significant impact on tackling inequality. This is why we view EDI as being fundamental to what we do for our clients, staff and volunteers.

Over the last two years we have pursued a transformational agenda to redefine our approach around concepts of social justice and driving concrete action to deliver EDI in practice. We have sharpened our focus on systemic inequality and have raised the profile of EDI. The impact of this is evident in our staff engagement survey where our EDI scores have been consistently increasing.

The following provides examples of our work to advance EDI across the service:

  • We have made significant investment in the EDI Team
  • Delivered a learning and development programme to upskill the organisation and increase EDI capability
  • We are delivering a series of projects to ensure inclusive access to our services, which included working with our local Citizens Advice innovation community, resulting in the development of toolkits focused on meeting the needs of those most likely to be at risk of exclusion
  • partnered with The Trussell Trust and with Mind to reach more clients in need of support
  • in respect of disability and race, to improve our discrimination advice, and to focus our advocacy on marginalised and minoritised groups. We are also in the final stages of setting up a Race Equity Action Group.
  • setting client satisfaction and outcome targets that can be measured by different characteristics (such as age or ethnicity). This is so we can understand and address any differences in experience and barriers to access
  • piloting a British Sign Language provision for clients using our Help to Claim service
  • ensuring our user research and service design have a particular focus on those at risk of digital exclusion
  • Setting up a Race Equity Action Group to ensure specific focus is given to address racial disparities amongst our clients, staff and volunteers.

We are determined to take meaningful, strategic action so that we really are here for everyone. While we acknowledge we have more to do, we are proud of the work we have achieved to date and are committed to playing our part in building a more equitable organisation, sector and society.